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Most of us are familiar with many bloggers who write great stuff about translation, interpreting and a variety of aspects of our industry. But what happens when you get tired of screens―both large and small―and the loads of texts you’re required to read every single day? Or when you’re on the go and can’t really focus on a written text? Well, you can listen to podcasts instead. You can even download and save a few episodes on your phone or other mobile devices so you can listen to your favorite speakers when you don’t have a reliable internet connection (such as in the subway―at least that’s the case in Toronto) or if you want to save your 3G or 4G data usage.

I started compiling a list of T&I podcasts for personal use, then I decided to share it with colleagues. In turn, I’d like to hear from you should you have anything else to add to this list, which is by no means complete.

T&I podcasts in Portuguese

(wouldn’t it be great to see a much longer list here?):

Launching three episodes a month, podcast producer Rafael Franças talks to guests mainly about literature, different literary genres and issues. However, some episodes focus on translation (such as the one on literary translation) or tackle translation aspects in some fashion. There are also a few about writing tips, the Brazilian editorial market, self-publishing, creative writing and an array of other topics most translators I know would gladly spend hours discussing.

PLD member Carolina Alfaro de Carvalho has been interviewing colleagues about different aspects of their routine and experience not only in translation and interpreting, but also in other areas that somehow add to our professional baggage. It’s still quite new, with just four episodes available for the time being―all informative and entertaining. Carol’s plan is to keep an average of two episodes a month. Let’s hope this one sticks around for a long time!

Most Brazilian translators know and love TradCast, created by PLD members Érika Lessa and Marcelo Neves, along with another dear colleague of mine, Cláudia Mello Belhassof, and the help of her tech-savvy hubby, Roney Belhassof. Unfortunately, it seems like life got in the way of their podcast production, but it’s still worth listing TradCast here for its rich archive―and hopefully this will give them a gentle nudge to resume the project.

As for the rest of the list, I decided not to comment on each single podcast―the more I went on Googling, the more material I found… So I was afraid I was never going to be able to publish this post. ☺

T&I podcasts in English:

Then my Googling led me to other podcasts that aren’t about T&I proper, but I thought I’d list them because they might be interesting to those learning Portuguese or English (and truth is: no matter how many hours of your life you’ve dedicated to learning a language or how many years you’ve lived in a country/culture, there’s always something new to learn). So here are just a few extra links about language and language learning:

Portuguese language podcasts:

English language podcasts:

That’s it for now, folks! Happy listening!

Please leave a link in the comments below if you know of any other podcasts that are worth sharing with our colleagues.


  1. I’ve got a couple suggestions to add! The first two are episodes (in Spanish), the last one is a podcast series in English. All of them deal with videogame localization and adaptation.×11-peticionseriefila-fallos-traduccion-videojuegos-y-audios-mp3_rf_2592850_1.html!/id738067147?mt=2&hc_location=ufi

    Keep the good work!

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