Quick Guide to Presenting a Proposal for the ATA Conference


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By Mirna Soares, PLD Administrator

We have a couple of weeks left until March 4, deadline for the presentation of proposals for the ATA Conference in San Francisco, so don’t save this post for later. Read it now and get working!

Coming up with a good idea and proving to the conference organizers that you know what you are talking about are challenges that only you can tackle, but below is a checklist we think will set you up for success.

[   ] Watch these free webinars with great tips! Do not skip this.

[   ] Read last year’s post on How to Write a Winning Proposal for the ATA Annual Conference

[   ] Read this year’s post on Why You Should Send a Proposal to the ATA Conference

[   ] Read summaries of past years’ sessions. Focus specifically on your category of interest.

[   ] Talk to people who have presented before. Many can be easily found in our PLD Facebook Group.

[   ] Write a first draft.

[   ] Ask a fellow translator or interpreter you trust to proofread and critique what you wrote. It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes.

[   ] Make changes to your proposal after letting it rest for a few days.

[   ] Submit it!

Remember: stay positive and don’t be upset if your idea is not accepted. Rejection doesn’t always happen because your proposal wasn’t good; sometimes the timing wasn’t right or someone else had a very similar idea. If you feel you have a great topic that was overlooked in a previous year, revise it, frame it differently, update the content and try again!

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