PLDATA – February 2013

By Tereza D’Avila Braga, Newsletter Editor and Division Administrator

PLDATA is the newsletter of the Portuguese Language Division of the American Translators Association.

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Here’s what you’ll find in this issue:

From the Administrator
– by Tereza d’Avila Braga

Ten Questions for Carmen Falcone
– Interview by Tereza Braga (with Elenice Araujo)

Save the Date! – IV Congresso Internacional da Abrates

TECHNOLOGY CORNER – Ferramentas de produtividade
– by Maria Helena Brenner-Kelly

Teoria e prática com Jayme Costa em San Diego
– by Rafa Lombardino

Save the Date! – V Conferência Brasileira de Tradutores do Proz

Aviação civil e alguns termos importantes
– by Fernanda Alves e Silva

Member Profiles
– Lourdes Helena Gallagher
– Fabio Oliveira
– Lynnea Hansen

Speaking of Social Media…
– by Bianca Bold and Mirna Soares

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