PLD Sessions at ATA56: Sheyla Carvalho


We’re back this week with three new posts containing information about PLD members who shared their knowledge with attendees at the ATA 56th Annual Conference this year. Today we’d like to share the slides used by Sheyla Carvalho during her session: “The First Generation of Conference Interpreters Trained Online: What Can They Teach Us?


In 2011, the speaker adapted the face-to-face conference interpreting training program she had first developed for her company in 2000, and designed a new, fully online training course on conference interpreting. Since 2000, the online course has improved based on input from students and changes in technology. This session will analyze data provided from interviews and surveys undertaken with the speaker’s former online students (specifically those who graduated two to five years ago). Students were asked about the impact of online training on their professional careers, with a view toward improving online education for interpreters. 

Slides in PDF:
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About the Speaker:
sheyla profileSheyla Carvalho has worked as a translator, reviewer, and interpreter since 1992, and as a trainer since 2000. She developed face-to-face and online training programs in translation and interpreting. In 2009, she was hired by the Organization of American States as a staff translator. In 2012, she was hired by Glendon College as a curriculum developer/instructor (master of conference interpreting). She has an MBA in management and degrees in law, business, and conference interpreting. She is currently a student in the master of advanced studies in interpreting training program at the University of Geneva.

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