PLD Sessions at ATA56: Marsel de Souza and Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes


Here is yet another post with information about PLD members who presented at the ATA 56th Annual Conference this year. Marsel de Souza and Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes joined forces once again, after a successful presentation last year in Chicago, and shared the slides they used for their most recent session: “Portuguese<>English Contract Terminology and Concepts, Part II.”

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The speakers walked attendees through some difficult terminology and concepts associated with contract law and offered tips on how to translate them. Stylistic issues were also covered. Brazilian, U.S., and U.K. terminology were included. This was a continuation of the session given in Chicago in 2014.

Slides in PDF:
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About the Speakers:
NaomiSutcliffedeMoraesNaomi Suttcliffe de Moraes has a PhD in Linguistics (University of São Paulo), bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering (University of California) and law (University of London), and a master’s degree in physics (University of California). She has been a translator for 15 years and is a former ATA board member. Her specialties are science and law, and she translates Portuguese and Italian into English.

MarseldeSouzaMarsel de Souza is a full-time interpreter and translator based in Brasilia, Brazil. Marsel has a bachelor’s degree in EN/PT Translation (University of Brasilia) and a certificate in Advanced French Studies from Alliance Française. He is ATA‑certified (EN > PT) and serves as Assistant Administrator of the Interpreters Division. He is also a member of AIIC, Sintra and Abrates. Marsel works primarily with the diplomatic and international organization community in Brasilia, but his interpreting and translation assignments have also taken him to Angola, France, Guinea-Bissau, the Republic of Korea, the UK, and the US.

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