PLD Sessions at ATA56: Amanda Morris


We’re back with another post containing information about PLD members who shared their knowledge with attendees at the ATA 56th Annual Conference this year. Amanda Morris, attorney and legal translator, has shared the slides she used for her session: “Commas, Parentheses, and Ellipses: Where They Go and How They Work.”

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A well-placed comma can change everything! Proper punctuation is the worker bee of good writing, but it can also sting. In this session, the speaker discussed basic punctuation and capitalization rules, how they interact with each other, and the usage differences between Brazilian Portuguese and American English.

Slides in PDF:
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About the Speaker:
amandaAmanda Morris is a Portuguese<>English freelance translator and a legal translation instructor at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. In a former life, she worked in Brazil as a lawyer, a legal advisor to television shows, and as a law professor. She has a master’s degree and PhD in law from the University of São Paulo.

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