PLD Member Spotlight: Let’s Meet Marion Gorenstein


Marion 1 (1)2Name:
Marion Gorenstein

Where I live:
Miami, Florida


What I do:
I am a translator and editor.

I’m proud of:
I am really proud of having been able to support my son―from kindergarten to Ph.D.―though my translation and editing work.

My background:
I graduated with a degree in Business Administration from a university in Brazil (PUC-RS) and worked for several local and multinational companies in several capacities. Everything changed when I was invited by a publisher to be an editor and fell in love with wordsmithing.

Why do I belong to the PLD?
The ATA and the PLD are a great source for new opportunities. Many clients and partners found me through the ATA’s Online Directories of Translators and Interpreters..

Major challenge(s) in my career:
The major challenge I faced was to work as Portuguese Project Manager at a global construction conglomerate. In 6 months, I managed the translation of over 4 million words, most of which were sourced from highly technical documents and needed to be translated into dozens of languages. The team of translators providing services to me was very skilled, but it was very hard to reconcile the dynamic world of translations with the realities of an unwieldy transnational bureaucracy.

What I’m reading (or listening to) now:
Currently, I am reading Luis Fernando Veríssimo’s latest book [As mentiras que as mulheres contam] and listening to David Garrett.

Current project (or most recent interesting project/job):
I recently edited a website designed to help individuals achieve their health goals. It offered several services and allowed people to track their progress online, in real time. I learned a lot about my own habits and the health tech industry.


TerezaBragaMembers are interviewed by Tereza Braga, former PLD Administrator and current member of the PLD Leadership Council. Tereza has dual citizenship and a freelance business based in Dallas. She specializes in corporate communications and is ATA-certified in both directions.

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