PLD Member Spotlight: Let’s meet Gabriela Rangel


Photo Credit: Gabriela Rangel's personal archive

Photo Credit: Gabriela Rangel’s personal archive

Gabriela Rangel

Ottawa, Canada


What I do:
Conference interpretation, translation and editing of scientific articles.

I’m most proud of:
Having run a 10K race just recently :-). Professionally speaking, I feel like I have done my job when I walk away from a meeting sensing that the parties have become more engaged than they were before.

My background:
I am Brazilian and have a degree in Animal Science. I worked for a few years in the dairy industry as a consultant and I organized technical meetings for veterinarians, animal scientists and dairy farmers. I became known among my peers as “the translator.” I married a Canadian, moved to this beautiful (sometimes chilly) country and have been translating full-time ever since.

Why do I belong to PLD?
I just wish to meet people who are “in the same boat” and to exchange experiences.

Major challenges in my career:
I worked at the G20 Summit here in Toronto, in 2010. It was surreal seeing all those characters, some being highly controversial politicians, at such close proximity. A few looked like they came right out of a book! I remember the speed, too: I am used to fast speakers and have seen faster ones, but it was a challenge!

What I’m reading now:
Jean Christophe,” by Romain Rolland, a Nobel winner and author of a biography of Beethoven published more than 100 years ago.  Here is what the author said about his book: “My novel is the story of a life from birth to death and my protagonist is a great German musician who is forced by circumstances to leave home at age 16 and lives in different places in Europe. To spell it out, the hero is Beethoven in the modern world.”

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