PLD Member Spotlight: Let’s meet Alex Ladd

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alex laad

Photo: PLD member’s personal archives

Alex Ladd

Brooklyn, New York


What I do:
Conference interpreting, court interpreting, literary translation

I’m most proud of:
My literary translations, especially the works of playwright Nelson Rodrigues. I also felt very honored to have interpreted for Portuguese writer José Saramago on three occasions.

My background:
I was born in Brazil to an American father and a Brazilian mother and I grew up in both countries. I have a degree in Journalism and Spanish from NYU. In my previous life I was a newspaper reporter and a taxi driver.

Why do I belong to PLD?
Honestly, I’ve only attended very few events, but when I did I learned a lot.

Major challenges in my career:
Translating Alberto Mussa’s O senhor do lado esquerdo. It’s a brilliant book but very complex, with many interweaving plotlines and many words in the Tupi Guarani and Bantu languages.

What I’m reading now:
Beautiful Ruins,” by Jess Walter. It’s a funny novel about a chance encounter and almost-love affair between an innkeeper and an American actress on the Italian coast, in 1962, and rekindled in Hollywood fifty years later.

One Comment

  1. Alex is also an interpreter for the US Dept. of State and I’ve had the privilege of working with him many times throughout the years and would like to say that he is a fine gentleman, a great colleague and very compassionate. I will always remember his patience with me before I had my hip replacement surgery and would walk slower than usual and he would always wait for me.

    Alex, all the best to you! You deserve it!

    Miss you and look forward to us working together again soon. I finally had the surgery and am now walking faster than you! 😉


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