PLD Member Spotlight: Let’s Meet Adriana Caraccio Morgan


AdrianaCMorgan PHOTOName:
Adriana Caraccio Morgan

Where I live:
Santos, State of São Paulo, in Brazil


What I do:
I am a sworn translator in Brazil and I have been translating since 1998, working from English into Portuguese (BR). My strong areas are law and finance, but I also translate clinical research and IT materials. I am also in the audiovisual arena ―both dubbing and subtitling― and I am the Lead External Specialist for Dropbox, which means, in practice, that I am the final reviewer for everything related to their localization into Brazilian Portuguese.

I’m proud of:
My achievements as a translator.

My background:
I have two degrees ― Social Communication (Advertising) and Law. In my previous lives, I owned a souvenir shop, was a tourist guide and travel agent in Santos, and worked at Deutsche Bank for seven years. I decided to embrace translation as a new career at the age of 31 and never looked back.

Why do I belong to the PLD?
I think we need to be part of groups and associations; we can achieve a lot more together.

Major challenge(s) in my career:
Life-work balance. I tend to work too much.

What I’m reading (or listening to) now:
Ways to Live Forever,” by Sally Nichols, about a boy with leukemia.

Current project (or last interesting project/job):
For two weeks I’ve been working on contracts into English, bank manuals into Portuguese, my daily Dropbox projects and some episodes of “The Last Ship” (season 3), “Innovation Nation” (TV series) and “The Seventies” (for CNN). I love this job!!


Members are interviewed by Tereza Braga, former PLD Administrator and current member of the PLD Leadership Council. Tereza has dual citizenship and a freelance business based in Dallas. She specializes in corporate communications and is ATA-certified in both directions.

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