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Elenice B. Araujo

Every year we say our goodbyes at the end of the ATA Annual Conference with a slight sense of sadness like, ‘It went so fast, when do I get to see you all again?’ Isn’t that true? That’s because we belong to a privileged group of professionals that instead of having competitors have fellow colleagues who pretty often turn into long lasting friends. Bearing this in mind, and eager to promote member outreach this administration wanted to go beyond the regular channels of communication and promote face-to-face gatherings were members could not only reconnect with old fellows but also meet new people and welcome new members. That’s how the First PLD Meet-ups were born. Last month, members of the Leadership Council plus the delightful volunteer Clarissa Surek-Clark hosted events at the same day in four different cities, Washington DC, Toronto, Seattle and São Paulo.

We were delighted to have a diverse attendance, consisted of both senior and new members, members-to-be and even some professionals involved in other aspects of the translation industry. Four lucky groups of translators and interpreters who had a deserving break from their demanding routine.

And such was the success of our first event, that we are planning regular gatherings which would include different activities, maybe watching a play, visiting an art exhibition, having brunch or going to a park for a hike. The options are endless, and we will try our best to organize events that allow the largest number of people to attend. On thing is for sure, we will have plenty of opportunity to mingle, have fun, and meet interesting people. Have a look and see if it’s not tempting:

Our administrator, Mirna Soares, hosted a dinner at Cuba Libre restaurant in Washington DC.


Bianca Bold was the host at a charming Pub, The Duke of York, in Toronto, Canada.


Clarissa Surek-Clark gather a group of translators at Tempero do Brasil, a restaurant in Seattle.


Here in São Paulo we met at Boteco São Bento Itaim for some drinks.


So, be sure to check our e-mail broadcasts, our website and Facebook posts. Some time in April or May we will meet again, and we hope to see you there.   


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  1. That is a great idea! I hope we can gather a group of colleagues in Los Angeles or nearby (Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale). If so, I will be happy to be the host.

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