PLD Sessions at ATA56: Manuela Sampaio


We’re back this week with three new posts containing information about PLD members who shared their knowledge with attendees at the ATA 56th Annual Conference this year. Today we’d like to share the slides used by Manuela Sampaio during her session: “Brazilian Tax Law: Understanding and Translating This Alphabet Soup.”

manuela presentation

The alphabet soup that makes up the Brazilian tax system, including the resulting tax notices, can be quite overwhelming for foreign companies operating in Brazil. As translators, we must aid our clients in their understanding of these taxes, contributions, and forms so that they can report back to their head offices. This session will provide an overview of the Brazilian tax system, including some of the main taxes and how a federal tax delinquency notice is processed. The goal is to discuss basic concepts that will help translators when dealing with Brazilian tax documents.

Slides in PDF:
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manuelaAbout the Speaker:
Manuela Sampaio is an English and Portuguese translator and interpreter. With a law degree and a diploma in corporate law, she worked in major mining and construction companies in Brazil until 2007. With over seven years of experience as a translator, she works mainly with legal and business translations, such as human resources and marketing. She has been working as a conference and liaison interpreter since 2012. In addition to ATA, she is a member of the Associação Brasileira de Tradutores e Intérpretes (ABRATES). She is currently a representative of ABRATES in her hometown of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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