August 18, 2017

Election Results: Meet the 2017-2019 PLD Officers


Dear PLD Member,

The election of PLD officers is held every two years in accordance with the ATA Governing Policy for Divisions.

Earlier this year the PLD Nominating Committee announced the 2017 PLD candidates in the slate broadcast to the PLD membership.

PLD members were given 45 days after the slate broadcast to add candidates to the slate. No further candidates were received. The newly elected PLD officers are:

Administrator: Rafa Lombardino
Assistant Administrator: Roberta Barroca

Click here to learn more about the election process and read the statements of our new Administrator and Assistant Administrator.

Their term will begin at the PLD Annual Meeting, scheduled to be held on SaturdayOctober 28, 12:30pm – 1:00pm during ATA’s 58th Annual Conference (October 25-28, 2017) at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.

August 16, 2017
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Upcoming PLD Meet-ups

resturant pixabay

Have you heard about our PLD Meet-up? It’s a week dedicated to networking events organized worldwide with a single purpose in mind: bringing together translators and interpreters who have Portuguese as one of their working languages.

In this 4th edition, our informal meetings would be an ideal opportunity for those of us who are getting ready for the ATA conference, which will take place in Washington D.C. the last week of October.

Keep an eye on our events page on Facebook, because we’ll be updating dates, times, and places where our meet-ups will be held this September.


Você já deve ter ouvido falar do PLD Meet-up, uma semana dedicada a encontros organizados em diferentes partes do mundo com um único objetivo: aproximar tradutores e intérpretes que trabalham com a língua portuguesa.

Nesta 4ª edição, as nossas reuniões informais serão ideais para quem está aquecendo os motores para o congresso da ATA, que será realizado em Washington D.C. na última semana de outubro.

Fiquem de olho na nossa página de eventos no Facebook, pois atualizaremos as datas, os horários e os locais confirmados para os meet-ups de setembro.

August 10, 2017

Member Spotlight: Let’s Meet Débora Chobanian

Debora Chobanian PHOTOName
Débora Chobanian

Where I live
London, UK

What I do
Conference interpreting, translation, intercultural training, copywriting and editing

Pride and Joy
Winning an award in 2017 from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting UK (ITI) in the category Best performance on an Interpreting Assignment. I am a proud committee member of the London Regional Group of the ITI.

On a personal level, I am proud of my volunteer work for Walworth Allotment Association (urban allotments) and Southwark Mediation Centre (community mediation service). And I have a lovely vegetable garden!

I was born and raised in São Paulo and I am a dual national: a Brazilian citizen and naturalized British citizen. My degree is in Social Communication and I have one Master’s Degree in Interpreting from London Metropolitan University (Portuguese A, English B and Spanish C) and a second Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication from the University of London.

I now have 15+ years of experience running translation projects and organizing conference interpreter teams in the Portuguese<>English pairs and other language pairs.

Major Career Challenge
I work for Amnesty International. The assignments are highly interesting, but can be very emotional. My latest was the launching of the report You Killed my Son. It features two Brazilian mothers reporting their experiences when their sons were killed by the Rio de Janeiro Military Police.

On my Nightstand

I am reading Good Behaviour, by Molly Keane. I am a big fan of Alice Munro and Hillary Mantel. I recently read The Long View, by Elizabeth Jane Howard, which is an amazing piece of writing, featuring the same time-manipulation technique typical of Alice Munro. They are great female authors for those interested in gender issues during different eras.

Unforgettable or Favorite Project
I am currently building a new website dedicated to attracting more direct clients. I am looking forward to that.


TerezaBragaMembers are interviewed by Tereza Braga, former PLD Administrator and current member of the PLD Leadership Council. Tereza has dual citizenship and a freelance business based in Dallas. She specializes in corporate communications and is ATA-certified in both directions.