Introducing New PLD Officers


It is our pleasure to introduce your new administration team:

Tereza Braga – Division Administrator
Bianca Bold – Division Assistant Administrator

We took office at the PLD annual meeting during the recent ATA 54th Annual Conference in San Antonio. Our term is two years, according to ATA guidelines.

You may read our candidate statements in order to get an idea of what to expect in this two-year journey with us.

With the invaluable help of our Leadership Council, we have started working on a few fronts and we will soon use this space and our social media sites to announce developments.

One of our missions during this term is to keep open communication channels so that PLD members feel encouraged to contact us, provide input and get involved. We can be reached via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YahooGroups and our brand new email address:

Drop us a line! Be active in your Division – there’s a lot to benefit from.

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