PLD Member Spotlight: Let’s meet Julia Pedro


julia pedro

Photo: PLD member’s personal archives

Julia Pedro

Cape Town, South Africa (when not globetrotting or spending time in Porto, in my native Portugal.)


What I do:
Translation, transcreation, localization, and conference interpretation. I’m ATA-certified in EN>PT and also work with Italian, German, French and Spanish.

I’m most proud of:
Being “myselfie.” I try not to be proud and just BE. I love what I do. I’m a happy person and that’s enough 😉

My background:
International business administration and marketing. I worked for global business and technology companies in various countries (and continents) while developing my independent career in translation, localization and interpreting services.

Why do I belong to PLD?
I also belong to other ATA divisions, but PLD is “a minha praia” (translation attempt: my cup of tea). It’s where I have the honor of meeting and interacting with wonderful colleagues and where I’ve made great friends.

Major challenges in my career:
I can’t really pinpoint major challenges. I might have had small and frequent challenges. As language professionals, we are in the business of solving problems (big and small). Once solved, they are no longer challenges. Hopefully we learn from them and move on.

What I’m reading now:
In Portugal, where I am right now: A chave de Salomão, by José Rodrigues dos Santos, and Sie haben ein schönes Gesicht, by my friend Bernd Bierbaum. This will most likely be my next literary project. Currently, I’m translating Bernd’s book Äthiopien zwischen Himmel und Erde into Portuguese. On my nightstand in Cape Town: “The Future of the Mind,” by Michio Kaku.

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