Introducing the new PLD Officers 2015-2017


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Dear PLD members,

By now, the ATA’s 56th Annual Conference is behind us and we are back to our everyday lives. At our PLD Annual Meeting during the conference, we changed over to a new Administration with recently elected officers. My name is Mirna Soares Andrade and I am the new Portuguese Language Division Administrator; my friend Érika Lessa is the Assistant Administrator, who will be working with me until the end of 2017. In Miami, we had the opportunity to thank our previous Administration officers, Tereza Braga and Bianca Bold, and to celebrate our 25th anniversary with PLD founder Edna Ditaranto, along with many other officers who have served the division since its beginning.

Both Érika and I have been part of the Leadership Council, which means we worked with the previous Administration to implement projects that are now up and running. We will continue to work with the Leadership Council as it is now constituted, including Tereza and Bianca, while we plan for next year, when we might add a couple of new members.

We are so grateful for the great division we have inherited from past administrators. For twenty-five years, the PLD has had dedicated professionals volunteering their efforts and establishing a creative environment where ideas become reality.

You can read about our general priorities in our candidate statements. I would like to highlight the priority to “encourage participation, exchange and networking,” because I think this is the central point that makes all the other plans possible. If you were a PLD officer in the past, we will be contacting you. We need to tap into your valuable experience. If you are a newbie, please read this special message for you. If you fall somewhere in the middle of the newbie/veteran spectrum, please contact us – we would love to hear your ideas, constructive criticism and feedback.

Now let’s roll up our sleeves!


Mirna Soares Andrade

PLD Administrator


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