How YOU can help make PLD better



We’re always looking for engaged members to help us make our division better. Wondering how you can help?

1. Blog:

  • Write an article for our blog about a session you liked during an ATA Conference, about Portuguese-related topics or even on broader translation/interpreting topics.
  • Suggest a blog for our Blog Trekker – there are two simple criteria: it must belong to a PLD member and also focus on any aspect of translation or interpreting.

2. Website:

  • Help us with our website – we can always use a hand with little tasks here and there. Just ask!
  • While browsing our website, please report errors, typos, broken links or anything that doesn’t look right.
  • Write a testimonial for our website, saying why it is important to be a PLD member and how you have benefited from your membership.

3. Social media:

  • Share links and interesting subjects on our mailing list or Facebook page.
  • Help spread the word! A simple “share” or “like” can take our Facebook page farther than you can imagine. The same goes for “retweets” on Twitter.

4. Conferences and events:

  • Help us register our events – take as many photos as you can of PLD events and sessions, and be sure to share them with us by email.
  • Share ideas to attract as many PLD members as possible for upcoming ATA Conferences. Any idea is welcome; don’t be shy!
  • Suggest speakers for the Portuguese Language Division sessions at future ATA Conferences.
  • Suggest a venue for an off-site event during ATA Conferences: tours, PLD networking events, happy hours.

5. Suggestions in general:

  • Suggest things you’d like to see in the future, such as professional development, networking events, webinars, articles, interviews, or topics for discussions in upcoming ATA Conferences.

PLD needs people like you!

If you’re interested in helping in any way, please email us at

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