Get Ready for PLD Sessions at ATA56


Mirna Soares (Member of the Leadership Council)

ata 56As you know, we are coming close to the 56th ATA Annual Conference, which this year will be held from November 4 to 7, 2015, in sunny Miami.

The Portuguese Language Division is proud to announce that, once again, we have a Distinguished Speaker. Israel Souza, Jr., is a translator and interpreter for the Brazilian Army and has had the unique experience of working in a United Nations mission in Haiti.

We also have a great mix of veterans and newcomers on our roster of speakers. Amanda Morris, Érika Lessa, Manuela Sampaio and Maria Helena Brenner-Kelly will be debuting as ATA speakers with some interesting topics, while Giovanna Lester, Marsel de Souza, Naomi Sutcliffe, Fernanda Silva, and João Vicente de Paulo will be treating us to their long-time knowledge and experience. As you’ll see, we have subjects relevant to translators and interpreters alike.

Below is a list of the ten presentations specific to the PLD.

  • P-1: The Role of Translation and Interpreting in the United Nations Peace Missions
    Israel Souza Jr.
  • P-2: Tough Guys Also Translate: United Nations Peace Mission in Haiti
    Israel Souza Jr.
  • P-3: ANACpedia: Online Dictionaries ― Aviation Terminology in Portuguese, English, and Spanish
    Fernanda Silva
  • P-4: An Overview of the Interpreting Profession
    Giovanna Lester
  • P-5: Commas, Parentheses, and Ellipses: Where They Go and How They Work
    Amanda Morris
  • P-6: Portuguese ↔ English Contract Terminology and Concepts, Part II
    Marsel de Souza and Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes
  • P-7: “Hardening” Your Information Technology Translation
    Maria Helena Brenner-Kelly
  • P-8: Are You an Engaged Pivot?
    Erika Lessa
  • P-9: Brazilian Tax Law: Understanding and Translating the Alphabet Soup
    Manuela Sampaio
  • P-10: Making Financese and Economese Sing
    João Vicente de Paulo Júnior

Hang on while we find out more about PLD members speaking under other categories. If you are a speaker, you can help by shooting us an e-mail ( with your name and the title of your session.

If you haven’t already, start making plans for Miami!


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