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We all know the importance of continuing education, and of keeping in touch with colleagues and up to date on new trends in our profession through conferences and courses. For ATA-certified translators, continuing education is a requirement that must be met every 3 years.

In order to encourage participation in future events, we will feature reviews of past events in the coming weeks, so you can have a taste of what is going on and gear up for the conferences you can still attend in 2014.

The PLD posts translation and interpreting-related events on our Facebook page. The ATA Chronicle has a list of upcoming events (check out the last page of the magazine). You can also find them online at Check them regularly and don’t miss out!

The Brazilian Translators and Interpreters Association (ABRATES) is holding its 5th International Conference in Rio de Janeiro in September. And of course you already know the ATA Conference is coming up in November. Time to start making arrangements!

Let us know if you participated in any T&I courses or conferences this year and send us your reviews (

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