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Happy International Translation Day
(and a shout-out to interpreters, too!)

This is a feel-good day for translators and interpreters. We come out of our invisibility to be lauded by the masses. Okay, not exactly, but among ourselves we make sure we don’t forget!

As a division, PLD usually starts planning ahead of time: something funny, something interesting, something historic… the ideas start pouring in. The proof is in the blog! Our division is especially proud of the collaborative video we prepared to honor our members in 2015. Several translators and interpreters read Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “One Art,” translated by Paulo Henriques Britto.

Now, this year was a busy one. We had a big project we wanted to accomplish and couldn’t seem to finish. We were overthinking and getting caught up on whatever was demanding urgent attention. Then suddenly, it was late September, International Translation Day was coming up, and we were empty-handed. But, as fate would have it, our big project finally took shape in time to be ready for this day.
So here is our gift to our members this year: our new website! All the old content is there and you can certainly expect new, original posts several times a month. It will be particularly useful in these preconference weeks. Please enjoy and tell us what you think.

Before I go, I’d like to thank LC member Beatriz Figueiredo, who singlehandedly transferred all our content to our new website and worked on the format. When we didn’t know what to do, she waltzed in and showed us how it’s done.

And congratulations to all the translators and interpreters who make this division of the ATA such a friendly, supportive, and smart community. We wish you all a happy day.

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Mirna Soares, Administrator
Érika Lessa, Assistant Administrator
& The Leadership Council

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