Mário Ferreira Awards

The Mário Ferreira Award was established to recognize those who made considerable contributions to Portuguese translation within the ATA and specifically within the PLD.

Regina Alfarano

The 2011 recipient of the PLD Mário Ferreira Award is a woman who seems to have done it all and shows no sign of slowing down. A Ph.D. in translation studies and Fulbright scholar, Regina Alfarano is (or has been) a graduate school professor, speaker, author, editor, member of four editorial boards, online and onsite teacher, master’s degree advisor, published literary translator, expert medical interpreter, literary prize jury member, and recipient of the APIC Translator of the Year award in 2000, in São Paulo.

Donna Sandin

The 2009 recipient of Mario Ferreira Award was announced at PLD Annual Meeting – ATA’s 50th Annual Conference in New York: long-time PLD member Donna Sandin.

Edna Ditaranto

To mark its 20th. anniversary, ATA’s Portuguese Language Divsion (PLD) presented Edna Ditaranto with the Mário Ferreira Award at ATA’s 48th Annual Conference in San Francisco. Together with Mário Ferreira, Edna was one of the founders of the PLD in 1987, and served as the division’s administrator for several terms. At the time of the award she was the language chair for the English>Portuguese exam grading team in ATA’s Certification Program.

Clifford E. Landers

Cliff Landers was recognized for his contribution as a translator of Brazilian Literature. Clifford E. Landers is professor of Political Science at New Jersey City University. His translations from Brazilian Portuguese include novels by Rubem Fonseca, Jorge Amado, João Ubaldo Ribeiro, Patrícia Melo, Jô Soares, Chico Buarque, Paulo Coelho, Marcos Rey and José de Alencar, and shorter fiction by Lima Barreto, Osman Lins, Moacyr Scliar and Rachel de Queiroz.

Murilo Néri

Murilo was a very well known Brazilian actor and TV/Radio personality. Among the many roles he performed during his professional life, Murilo was the translator of the 1987 and 1988 Miss Universe pageant. Murilo passed away in 2001.