Footie lingo: the language of soccer in Portuguese and English


Jayme Costa-Pinto has shared the slides and other reference material he used for the session he presented last month at the ATA Conference: “Footie lingo: the language of soccer in Portuguese and English.”


From its humble—and bloody—beginnings in England, football (soccer) grew to become a multi-billion dollar global sport, influencing different cultures and peoples around the world. This session will address several terminological equivalences between Brazilian Portuguese and English (both American and British). A glossary of the more colorful terms will be provided at the end. In addition, the speaker will touch upon the cultural and social impact soccer has had in Brazil, with special emphasis on how the sport has been portrayed in Brazilian literature.

Slides in PDF: Click here to view or download

Additional reference material:
Glossary (by Jayme) – Soccer_glossary
Laws of the game 2012/2013 (by FIFA) – Laws_of_the_game
Regras do jogo de futebol 2010/2011 (by FIFA) – Regras_do_jogo_de_futebol

Jayme Costa-Pinto is the head of studies of the Associação Alumni’s Department of Translation and Interpretation in São Paulo, Brazil. He also devotes time to freelance translation and interpreting. His literary translations include works by American authors Richard Greenberg, John Updike, and Warren Adler. A former translation and interpreting student at the Associação Alumni, he has a BS in geophysics from the University of São Paulo. He has also participated in a special training program for interpreters at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

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