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Mirna Soares (PLD Leadership Council Member)

2014 was the first year we transitioned away from a formal newsletter and focused on the PLD Blog, and what a great year it was!

We received a lot of contributions from PLD members who wanted to share their experiences and knowledge. We had more than 50 posts, including news, interviews, reviews and opinions on various topics. As the blog editor, I learned a lot and I know I couldn’t have done this without amazing help from Lynnea Hansen, our reviewer, who donated so much of her time and was always available for us. I’d also like to thank Maria Helena Brenner Kelly for her regular contributions as a writer and Bianca Bold for her ongoing involvement and great ideas. I can’t name every single person but I’d like to show my appreciation for each and every one who contributed to the blog this year.

For professional and personal reasons, I’m passing the ball to Rafa Lombardino, an experienced blogger who will certainly do an exceptional job in taking the PLD Blog to the next level. I will stay on as her assistant to help with the transition.

I’d like to remind everybody that the PLD Blog is OUR blog, it belongs to our Portuguese Language Division. If you are a member and you have something to write about, send us your text! If you are unsure and would like to test the waters first, contact us at ata.pld@gmail.com and tell us what you are thinking; we can gladly provide advice and feedback.

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