PLD 2013 Election Candidates

The Nominating Committee of the Portuguese Language Division is pleased to announce that the following Division members have been nominated as candidates in the upcoming election of officers:

Administrator: Ms. Tereza d’Avila Braga
Assistant Administrator: Ms. Bianca Bold

Please take a few minutes to read the following statements from the candidates.


Ms. Tereza d’Avila Braga

 I am the current administrator running for a second term. I have served two consecutive terms in the past, from 2001 to 2005. I have edited our newsletter off and on for almost ten years now. If elected, I plan to continue reaching out to the new generation of translators and interpreters while maintaining a cozy space for us old-timers. I want to increase our interaction with the other sixteen ATA divisions for sharing best practices. I also want to help ATA come up with a new way for divisions to meet at regular intervals away from the ATA annual conference. Language-specific events are missed and valued.

We are back to four issues a year of our PLDATA newsletter and have met our goal of a much wider presence in the social media. Our network continues to expand every year in the U.S. and abroad. New members subscribe to our PLD online list-serve every month. We have been fortunate to welcome Bianca and Mirna, who keep sending us new ideas and are always ready to help even before I call on them.

Working for ATA is a gift that keeps giving. Professional growth comes with personal growth. I find myself reading more on leadership and emotional control. It is an exercise in awareness, I think – a way to review our talents and shortcomings and how much we can still improve. Of all the volunteer work I have done so far, this is the job I like the best and I strongly recommend it.

I am an independent T&I services provider based in Dallas, ATA-certified English>Portuguese and Portuguese>English. I have an M.A. and a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas, with a concentration in International Business. This is my dream career and I don’t even know which is better: being my own boss or having the best friends of my life from within our ATA community.


Ms. Bianca Bold

I am Brazilian and have been working with Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish since 2001, mostly translating, editing and subtitling. I hold a B.A. in Translation from UFPE (Recife, Brazil) and an M.A. in Translation Studies from York University (Toronto, Canada).

I have been an ATA member since 2008 and started volunteering for the PLD in June 2012. Because of the initiative I showed, the division officers officially invited me to join the Leadership Council just before the 2012 ATA Conference. Only after I started participating more actively did I realize that our division could use much more help than it actually gets now and that there are indeed many people willing to collaborate – I believe they just need more guidance.

In the past year I have worked on updating and restructuring the PLD website and visual identity. I have put a lot of effort into our division’s quarterly newsletter, working on design and collaborating with some content in recent issues. Together with Mirna Soares and Mariza Marcolongo Vogel, I have also helped with our division’s social media communications. One of our goals is to gain more visibility through online spaces such as Facebook and Twitter, by broadcasting news that might be of interest to Portuguese speakers, translators and interpreters. I believe having a strong online presence is one of the keys to engaging more and more members and having them realize how much their help is appreciated – even if it is just with small, simple tasks.

I am running for Assistant Administrator because I would like to take on a stronger leadership role so that I can continue and intensify the work I started as a member of the Leadership Council, and, most importantly, focus on encouraging more active participation of fellow Portuguese translators and interpreters, all of whom can certainly enrich and strengthen our division and, in return, earn more visibility, networking opportunities and a stronger professional image.

Working more closely with all PLD members over the next couple of years is an exciting opportunity to show my gratitude for all the benefits I myself have obtained throughout my years of ATA and PLD membership.


Additional candidates may be added to the ballot. Additional candidates must be voting members of the Association.

Deadline for objections to the slate and/or receipt of nominations to add candidates to the slate is September 8; each nomination must include a written acceptance letter and candidate statement from the candidate to be added, and sent (mail or fax)

Attn: Jamie Padula
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Fax: +1-703-683-6122

For questions, please contact Jamie Padula, ATA Chapter and Division Relations Manager, by email to


If no further candidates are received, then this is an uncontested election and officers will be declared by acclamation at the Portuguese Language Division’s annual meeting during ATA’s 54th Annual Conference (November 6-9, 2013, in San Antonio, Texas).

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